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Fragment showcase

List of all currently available default fragments in Syna. You can learn how to develop your own fragment by following Creating new fragments.


Call to action and description for the 404 (page not found) page

Flexible call to action buttons making external or on site links actionable.

Add additional meta tags, link tags and script tags to page.

Contact form for help, contact and feedback

Write pages and articles using Markdown and Hugo shortcodes

JSONSchema compatible editor using React

Embed anything from anywhere such as videos, slides, forms and more


Frequently asked questions of your website
Footer section with description, social links and footer navigation.
Display any chart, responsive and highly configurable, powered by Chart.js

Add a customizable header for different sections

Showcase your logo, header and most important call to actions

Showcase your projects, features and more

List your project’s features and services

List of all pages from a section/directory.

Show off your team or showcase yourself on your personal website


The navbar of your website

List of images and descriptions of what you work on

List of pricing plans for the project. Can be linked to a payment website.
Search fragment using fuzzy search.

Simple to use payment fragment using Stripe.

Fully responsive and customizable table


Add table of contents of any content fragment to the page.