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React Portal

Container for a React Component

React portal fragment can render any React component registered in window.synaPortals. Using this component will enable React for the page and create a div tag as the container for the component.

Code (
date = "2018-07-07"
fragment = "react-portal"
weight = "110"
background = "secondary"
Code (
fragment = "config"
# Loads the counter component

  type = "js"
  resource = "counter.js"


This fragment doesn’t make use of any variables except for global variables.

This fragment makes it possible to load a React component and render it on the page. To do so, you need to create a React component as usual and register it in the page and then the protal will render the component.

To register a React component in the portal, you need to add your component and name of the fragment’s controller file to window.synaPortals object.

window.synaPortals['UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER] = {
  component: YOUR_COMPONENT,
  container: '#FRAGMENT_FILENAME [data-portal]',

Replace capitalized phrases in the code above with what you need.

Add this code to your script (the file you have defined your React component). If your component doesn’t show up, make sure your code is being loaded before syna-react.js. An easy way to make sure of that is to use the config fragment.

Global variables are documented as well and have been omitted from this page.