Contact form for help, contact and feedback

Contact fragment renders a form with a maximum of 4 fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Message

This fragment supports validations and thus can have customized error messages. Recaptcha and Netlify (with Netlify auto Recaptcha) support is also available. With a Formspree account you can simply enter your email. Other options are using a custom server or other form submission handlers

Contact fragment

not working on demo page
Message could not be send due to captcha not loadable. Please contact us at
Message could not be send. Please contact us at instead.


fragment = "contact"
#disabled = true
date = "2017-09-10"
weight = 110
background = "secondary"
form_name = "defaultContact"

title = "Contact fragment"
subtitle  = "*not working on demo page*"
#title_align = "left" # Default is center, can be left, right or center

# PostURL can be used with backends such as mailout from caddy
post_url = "" #default:
email = ""
button_text = "Send Button" # defaults to theme default
#netlify = false

# Optional google captcha
# Won't be used if netlify is enabled
#  sitekey = ""

  success = "Thank you for awesomely contacting us." # defaults to theme default
  error = "Message could not be send. Please contact us at instead." # defaults to theme default

# Only defined fields are shown in contact form
  text = "Your Name *"
  error = "Please enter your name" # defaults to theme default

  text = "Your Email *"
  error = "Please enter your email address" # defaults to theme default

  text = "Your Phone *"
  error = "Please enter your phone number" # defaults to theme default

  text = "Your Message *"
  error = "Please enter a message" # defaults to theme default

# Optional hidden form fields
# Fields "page" and "site" will be autofilled
  name = "page"

  name = "someID"
  value = ""